Recommended Tutorials to Learn Ember 2

Last reviewed on November 27, 2015

For those who want to start learning Ember 2, here is a list of my recommendations for the best places to learn Ember.

1. CodeSchool - Try Ember (paid)

CodeSchool released a new version of their Ember course on 2/24/2016 called Try Ember which targets Ember 2 and Ember CLI. I tried it out and it is great. If you’ve ever tried CodeSchool before, you know that they deliver awesome quality so you won’t be disappointed.

2. Rock and Roll with Ember (paid)

Rock and Roll with Ember.js by Balint Erdi is a fantastic ebook. Balint started this book with version 1 and has updated it to version 2. He has kept his promise of keeping it up to date with the framework. He goes through the process of building a music application using Ember CLI and Ember Data and is written in a fun way. It costs money, but it is well worth it.

3. Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2 (paid)

Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2 by Matt White was another great read. I’m still a fan of paperback books so I was glad to find something available in print. The book isn’t too long, roughly 150 pages, and is also a great introduction to the framework with Ember CLI and Ember Data. I really liked the chapter about using Ember Data with non-standard APIs. Even though I have been working with Ember for almost a year now, I still learned a few things. One thing to note about this book to newcomers is that he is using pod structure with Ember CLI. Many Ember CLI tutorials out there aren’t using pods, so this is just something to be aware about in case you are using multiple resources for learning. Pod structure is just a folder structure difference where things are broken out by feature instead of by type. It is a minor difference in the end but worth noting so that you don’t get frustrated.

4. Ember 101 (free)

This is another great ebook by Adolfo Builes. It was formerly called Ember CLI 101, changed to just Ember 101, and made free and available to the community to update.

5. Ember Guides (free)

The Ember Guides provide great documentation on all the core pieces of the framework. If you’re looking for an example of how to use something, it is likely in there. These guides keep getting better and better. You can even look at the guides based on the version of Ember you are using.

6. Ember Screencasts (paid)

Ember Screencasts is the largest video tutorial site on Ember run by Jeff Biles and has something for everyone.


The path to learning Ember isn’t as difficult as it used to be and there are some great resources out there. If you have questions, I have found the Ember Discussion Forum to be really active and useful. If you want to keep up to date on the latest Ember news, sign up for Ember Weekly and subscribe to the Ember Weekend Podcast.

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