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About Me

Hi, I’m David Tang. I’m a product-focused software engineer from Los Angeles. My expertise is in web technologies, particularly JavaScript. I have lots of experience with Ember, Ember Data, and JSON:API. I believe in building products that deliver business value. I also value testing, convention over configuration, and embracing standards.

My passion lies on the front-end building great user experiences, but I also have professional experience on the backend working with PHP (primarily Laravel), Node, and relational databases.

I am the author of the book Ember Data in the Wild and the SitePoint video course Test-Driven Development in Node.js. I am also a part-time lecturer at the University of Southern California, teaching web development courses to students from all backgrounds.

Why I Went Vegan

If you are reading this, please watch The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky. If you are not vegan, then you are contributing to the needless suffering, slaughter, and exploitation of trillions of animals per year.

We don’t need to eat animals or their secretions (dairy, eggs, and honey) to survive or be healthy. We don’t need to wear their skin or fur to stay warm. Labels like free-range, cage-free, or grass-fed mean nothing to the animals who didn’t want to die and only exist to ease your conscience so that you buy these animal products.

How can we morally justify exploiting and killing animals when we don’t need to? Is your taste and convenience worth more than their life?

I encourage everyone to also watch Dominion. This documentary covers what the animals go through. Many people turn away from seeing these types of videos. Before deciding not to watch this, ask yourself, if seeing how animals are raised and slaughtered isn’t good enough for your eyes, how is it good enough for your stomach?

If this makes you feel sad, angry, guilty, or uncomfortable, I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I learned about all of the ways animals were exploited on my behalf. I found that going vegan wasn’t as hard as I had thought, and by doing so, I cleared my conscious because I aligned my actions with my values of being against animal cruelty. I only wish I had gone vegan sooner.

This is a picture of me giving water to a pig moments before slaughter in Downtown Los Angeles at the Farmer John Slaughterhouse. This only happens because everyone is prepared to look the other way. You have the power to end this.

picture of me giving water to a pig moments before slaughter

If you’d like to get in touch, you can follow me on Twitter or email me at [email protected].