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elixir logo January 13, 2019

Learning How to Loop in Elixir Through Recursion

In this post, we'll look at how to loop in Elixir through recursion by rebuilding Enum.each, Enum.reduce,, and Enum.filter.

elixir logo January 10, 2019

Capturing Functions and Expressions in Elixir

In this post, we're going to look at capturing functions and expressions, which can make Elixir code more concise.

elixir logo January 2, 2019

Keywords Lists in Elixir

Time to dive into functional programming and learn Elixir. This post covers keyword lists.

ember logo September 25, 2018

What's New with Components as of Ember 3.4

This post covers new Ember component features as of 3.4.

qunit logo September 6, 2018

Custom QUnit Assertions in Ember

This post covers creating custom QUnit assertions in Ember.

ember logo July 28, 2018

Tracking hasMany Relationship Changes with ember-changeset

This post covers how I handled tracking hasMany relationship changes with ember-changeset.

ember logo January 18, 2020

Conditional Default Values for Ember Data Model Attributes

This post covers how to access the instance of a model in the defaultValue function of an attribute to conditionally set a default value.

ember logo January 18, 2020

Importing from node_modules in Ember

This post covers how to import files from node_modules in Ember

ember logo January 18, 2020

Extracting Metadata from a Custom API with Ember Data

This post covers how to extract metadata from a custom API with Ember Data.

react logo March 28, 2018

Contextual Components in React

Contextual Components are one of my favorite features in Ember. In this post, I show how you can implement the same pattern in React components using the Render Props pattern.

react logo February 25, 2018

React Patterns in Ember - Render Props

In this blog post, I cover the Render Props pattern in React and what it looks like in Ember.

ember logo February 11, 2018

Conditional Validations with ember-changeset-validations

This post covers how I approached conditional validations with ember-changeset.

ember logo October 29, 2017

Testing with Relative Dates and Timezones in Ember

In this post, I cover how to test with relative dates and timezones in an Ember application.

javascript logo September 21, 2017

Subclassing Arrays in ES2015

In this post, I cover how you can subclass an array in JavaScript in ES2015 (ES6).

ember logo January 19, 2020

Mocking Services in Ember Acceptance Tests

This post explores a few approaches to mocking services in acceptance tests and shows an example that stubs window.confirm.

javascript logo August 27, 2017

Iterables and Iterators in JavaScript

In this post, I go over the iterable and iterator protocols and show some examples of making your own objects iterable so that they can be used with the for...of loop or the spread operator.

javascript logo August 21, 2017

An Introduction to Sets in JavaScript

This post is an introduction to the Set class in JavaScript.

ember logo July 30, 2017

Building an Ember Component for a List of Checkboxes

How I built a checkbox list Ember component using contextual components and an ES 2015 Set

node logo May 29, 2017

My Course "Test-Driven Development in Node.js" Has Been Published on SitePoint!

In my new SitePoint course "Test-Driven Development in Node.js", I teach test-driven development using practical examples, covering a range of topics including the fundamental theory, testing asynchronous code, and the different types of test doubles.

ember logo May 5, 2017

Stubbing Components in Ember Integration Tests