Preserving Search History

Last reviewed on September 19, 2017

Searching for Github Repos

Create a page where you can search repos for a Github user. At the top of the page should be a search input and button. When you click the button, make a request to the Github API for the repos for a given user. Try searching for Github usernames wycats and skaterdav85 (me). The endpoint is structured like:{username}/repos

Use Handlebars to render the list of repos.

Preserving Search History

Whenever a search is made, the search term history should be saved via a REST API. Start by creating an API using Loopback with a resource called searches. This resource should have 2 attributes: term (string) and createdAt (date). When you click the search button, hit the POST /api/searches endpoint. Somewhere on the page (maybe the sidebar), display a list of all search terms via the GET /api/searches endpoint. Whenever a search is made, this list of searches should be updated using one of the approaches we went over in class. This list should also be rendered using Handlebars, and each item in the list should show both the search term and the date the search was made.

Folder Structure

Please structure your assignment like the following:

  • /itp404-assignment4

    • /client
    • index.html
    • /css

      • main.css
    • /src

      • main.js
      • jquery script
      • handlebars script
    • /api (created by Loopback)


Create a repo on Github called itp404-assignment4 and upload your files. Send an email to the TA and myself with the Github URL. As always, assignments are due the following Tuesday at midnight.