Build an Unread Email Component using Data Down, Actions Up

Last reviewed on October 30, 2017

Create a branch off of assignment 7 called assignment8:

git checkout -b assignment8

For this assignment, build a component that behaves like an email item in the list of emails in your Gmail inbox. If the email is unread, it should display the email title in bold. If the email has been read, the title shouldn’t be bold. When the email title is clicked, it should invoke an action passed into the onclick attribute.

Your component should be used like the following:

{{unread-email email=email onclick=(action "markAsRead")}}

The email object passed into the component should look like the following:

let email = {
  read: false,
  title: "Sign up for Spring classes!",

The markAsRead action should set to true.

Be sure to test this component out with an email object where the read property starts off as true.


git add --all
git commit -m 'your commit message here'
git push origin assignment8

Send an email to the TA and myself with a link to this branch.