Client-Side Templating

Last reviewed on September 4, 2018

This assignment will build off of assignment 1. Copy the files from assignment 1 into a new folder for assignment 2. Make sure you are not copying the .git folder. This should be a brand new repo.

In this assignment, you will update the Reddit search app so that all rendering of the search results is done through the Handlebars client-side templating library.

Rendering with Handlebars

Display a div for each subreddit post containing the following fields:

  • title that links to url in a new tab
  • score
  • subreddit_subscribers formatted with commas. Use a helper for this. To format a number, check out Number.prototype.toLocaleString().
  • If num_comments > 0, show the number of comments, also formatted with commas. Otherwise, show “No comments”. Use the Handlebars if helper. In Handlebars, 0 is treated as falsey.

Handling Errors

If the user typed in an invalid subreddit name, the Reddit API will respond with a 404 HTTP response. This means that the subreddit can’t be found. When 400 or 500 level HTTP responses are returned, the error handler in the then() of a promise is invoked. For example:

  function () {
    // won't be called
  function () {
    // this will be called because a subreddit named "{subreddit}" doesn't exist
    console.error("an error occurred")

If a user types an invalid subreddit into the search box and submits the form, display “Oops! Something went wrong!” on the page.


Create a repo on Github called itp404-assignment2 and upload your files. Send an email to the TA and myself with the Github URL. As always, assignments are due the following Tuesday at midnight.