Laravel 1

Last reviewed on January 27, 2018

This assignment will use Laravel and the chinook SQLite database.

All Laravel assignments, labs, and class demos will build on the same installation. Start this assignment from the same installation we did in class.

The Genres Page

Create a page with the route /genres that displays all genres from the genres table. Define a route that maps to a controller called GenresController.

Each genre should be an anchor that links to /tracks?genre=GENRE_NAME, where GENRE_NAME is replaced with each genre, i.e. Rock, Blues, Reggae, etc.

The Tracks by Genre Page

Next, create a page with the route /tracks. This page should display all tracks for the genre query string parameter. For each track, display the following information:

  • track name
  • album title
  • artist name
  • price

The /tracks route should map to a controller called TracksController.

To access the genre query string parameter value, use the query() method off of the request object. Check out the “Retrieving Input From The Query String” documentation to see an example.

Other Requirements


  • You can create a controller using the artisan command: php artisan make:controller GenresController.


  • Please push up your code including the database to GitHub to a repository named EXACTLY itp405-laravel-assignments. You will be using this repository for all Laravel assignments, labs, and class lectures.
  • Deploy your app to Heroku by following these instructions. Verify that your app has been deployed and it works on Heroku.
  • Send an email to me and the TA with the repository URL and the URL to the live site on Heroku.