Build a Reusable Component

For this assignment, you will build a reusable component of your choice. Take a look at web applications that you use and see what user interface elements might be worth making a reusable component for. Your reusable component must have at least 2 props. One of the props can be children. Also, add the necessary propTypes to your component.

Create a page that demos this component. Write 1-3 sentences explaining how developers would use it. Also, somewhere on the page, write about your motivations for this component, how it is reusable, and why you named the component and its props the way that you did. Well designed components have good naming, so spend some time thinking about what to name the component and its props.


Create a repo on GitHub called itp404-assignment5-build-a-reusable-component and upload your files. Also, deploy your demo page to Surge. Send an email to the TA and me with the title “ITP 404 - Assignment 5 - Build a Reusable Component” with the GitHub and Surge URLs in the body. Failure to submit by the deadline will result in a 0.