In this assignment, you will build two pages that pulls data from a database using the PDO class.

This assignment will use the chinook SQLite database.

Listing Genres

Create a page index.php that displays all genres from the genres table using PDO.

For each genre, make an anchor that links to tracks.php?genre=GENRE_NAME, where GENRE_NAME is replaced with each genre, i.e. Rock, Blues, Reggae, etc.

Listing Tracks by Genre

Next, create tracks.php. This page should display all tracks for the genre query string parameter. For each track, display the following information:

  • track name
  • album title
  • artist name
  • price

If there is no genre query string parameter, this page should display all tracks from the tracks table.

Deploy to Heroku

Once you’ve gotten it working, deploy your pages and database to Heroku.


Please push up your code including the database to GitHub to a repository named EXACTLY itp405-assignment1. Send an email to the TA and myself with the repository URL and the Heroku URL. Please use the subject line ITP 405 Assignment Submission - PDO.