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Final Project

The final project is due on 12/8 12/11 at 11:59pm. Points will be deducted if you turn it in late. Turning it in 1 day late is -10 points, and each subsequent day will be -5 points.

For the final project, you will develop a single page application (SPA) on a topic of your choice with React for the frontend. For the backend, you will build an in-memory API like we did in class. For those with more experience on the backend, you are welcome to use a database and whatever else you’d like.

Application Requirements

Projects will be graded based on overall complexity.

Code Quality Requirements

User Experience Requirements

Your project should be styled so that it presents a good user experience and looks organized and professional. You are welcome to use libraries like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.


Your project should be deployed to a public URL. I suggest using

Deploying React Projects to


Include the following in the of your repo:

Submit your project here on our GitHub classroom. You are done! 👏