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Final Project

For the final project, you will build a Laravel app and a Node API on whatever interests you. Here are the requirements:


Design and build a SQLite database with at least 3 tables having relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many, etc). Please include a schema similar to this one, where you specify the tables, their columns, and how columns relate. You can either draw this out on paper or whiteboard and take a picture of it, or use some other software. Please put this pic on your

Part 1: Server-Rendered Web Application with Laravel

Build a server-rendered application using Laravel and the database you have built. This application should have:

Part 2: Node API

You will also build an API for your database using Node. This API should:

Part 3: Testing and Continuous Integration (CI)

Other Things You Can Do

Other Requirements


Send a single email to the TA and myself on the project due date containing the following: