The midterm will be an in-class practical where you will build a web app using Laravel in 2.5 hours based on some requirements I give you using things you learned in the weeks leading up to the exam. You can use previous assignments, notes, and the internet to look things up. You are NOT ALLOWED to communicate with anyone in or outside of class by any means. To study, review assigned readings and your past assignments and labs.

The app that you build during the midterm will need to be a separate installation from the one you have been using for labs, assignments, and in class. You will also be expected to deploy this application to Heroku. Before the midterm, I encourage you to install a new Laravel app and get it deployed to Heroku. I will give you a SQLite database on the day of the midterm, and you can place it at the path database/database.sqlite. To make sure your new installation is correctly set up to work with a SQLite database both locally and on Heroku, use the same database we have been using this semester.

PLEASE NAME YOURE REPO lastname-firstname-405-midterm.

Lastly, please make this repo private. Add skaterdav85 (me) and frumsdotxyz (Finn) to Collaborators in Settings.


Send an email to Finn and me with your GitHub repo URL and Heroku URL.