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Assignment 2

In this assignment, you will build a Reddit search application that consumes two Reddit APIs and renders the data using client-side templating with Handlebars.

Subreddit Search and Results

At the top of the page, create a form with a single search input and a submit button. When the user submits the form (bind to the submit event of the form instead of a click event on the button), fire off an Ajax request to GET{subreddit}.json to retrieve all of the posts for the subreddit that was typed into the search box.

Display a div for each subreddit post containing the following fields:

Subreddit Details

Next, use the endpoint GET<subreddit_id> to fetch and render details about the given subreddit. For example, GET returns details for the cats subreddit. Now you may be wondering where the subreddit_id value in the id query string parameter comes from. This value can be found in the response of the first API endpoint under the key subreddit_id in each post resource.

Display the following fields:

A Loading Spinner

While Ajax requests are pending, show a loading indicator on the screen using one of these CSS spinners.

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