Assignment 3

In this assignment, you will build a Reddit application with React and fetch().

To start, create 3 buttons for your favorite subreddits. When each button is clicked, fire off an Ajax request to GET{subreddit}.json to retrieve all of the posts for the clicked subreddit.

Display a div for each subreddit post containing the following fields:

  • title that links to url in a new tab
  • score
  • subreddit_subscribers formatted with commas. To format a number, check out Number.prototype.toLocaleString().
  • If num_comments > 0, show the number of comments, also formatted with commas. Otherwise, show “No comments”.

Next, use the endpoint GET<subreddit_id> to fetch and render details about the given subreddit. For example, GET returns details for the cats subreddit. Now you may be wondering where the subreddit_id value in the id query string parameter comes from. This value can be found in the response of the first API endpoint under the key subreddit_id in each post resource.

Display the following fields:

  • title
  • description or public_description
  • display_name_prefixed
  • subscribers

A Loading Spinner

While Ajax requests are pending, show a loading indicator on the screen using one of these CSS spinners.


Create at least 3 components in your application (the App component doesn’t count as one of your components). It is up to you how you want break up your UI into components.

Deploy to Netlify

  • Create a file
  • Deploy your code to Netlify and paste the URL on your See this Markdown guide to learn how to create a link in Markdown.