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Assignment 5

For this assignment, you will build another Reddit API application with React using React Router.

Create a layout with a header, navigation, and a main content area. The header and navigation should always be rendered on the page.

The Animals Route

Display links for the following animals in the navigation:

The URL should follow the pattern /animals/:animal where :animal will be “cats”, “chickens”, “cows”, “dogs”, or “pigs”.

When one of these links is clicked, fetch the data from the Reddit API{animal}.json (i.e.

Filter down the results to include only the posts that contain a thumbnail image. Display the following properties for each post:

The results should be displayed in the main content area. If you refresh the page, the results should be rendered.

The Author Route

Next, make author a link to a route with the pattern /authors/:author. When an author link is clicked, display the same properties listed above from the endpoint{author}.json (i.e. This endpoint returns a list of posts from a specific author.

A Default Route

If a user visits /, redirect them to /animals/cats, which will serve as the default route.

Apply a unique style to the active link in the navigation. For example, if a user is on /animals/cats, the Cats link has a unique style to show that it is active. See React Router’s NavLink component.

A 404 Route

Lastly, if a user types an invalid URL, display some helpful text in the main content area letting them know that the URL is invalid. Check out the React Router - No Match (404) docs.

Deploy to Netlify or Surge