Assignment 5

For this assignment, you will build another Reddit API application with React using React Router.

Create a layout with a header, navigation, and a main content area. The header and navigation should always be rendered on the page.

The Animals Route

Display links for the following animals in the navigation:

  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Dogs
  • Pigs

The URL should follow the pattern /animals/:animal where :animal will be “cats” / “kittens”, “chickens”, “cows”, “dogs” / “puppies”, or “pigs”.

When one of these links is clicked, fetch the data from the Reddit API{animal}.json (i.e.

Filter down the results to include only the posts that contain a thumbnail image. Display the following properties for each post:

  • title that links to url in a new tab
  • author
  • thumbnail as an image

The results should be displayed in the main content area. If you refresh the page, the results should be rendered.

If any of the animals above don’t have any thumnail images, feel free to swap with a different animal.

The Author Route

Next, make author a link to a route with the pattern /authors/:author. When an author link is clicked, display the same properties listed above from the endpoint{author}.json (i.e. This endpoint returns a list of posts from a specific author.

A Default Route

If a user visits /, redirect them to /animals/cats, which will serve as the default route.

Apply a unique style to the active link in the navigation. For example, if a user is on /animals/cats, the Cats link has a unique style to show that it is active. See React Router’s NavLink component.

A 404 Route

Lastly, if a user types an invalid URL, display some helpful text in the main content area letting them know that the URL is invalid. Check out the React Router - No Match (404) docs.

Deploy to Netlify or Surge

Deploy your project to Netlify or Surge. Here are instructions for Deploying React Projects to If you deploy to Netlify, be sure to include a netlify.toml in the root of your repository with the following contents:

  from = "/*"
  to = "/index.html"
  status = 200