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Laravel 1

This assignment will use Laravel and the chinook SQLite database.

Start this assignment from the same installation that we did in class.

Listing Playlists

Create a page at /playlists that displays all playlists from the playlists table.

Each playlist should be an anchor that links to /playlists/{id}, where {id} is replaced with the ID of each playlist.

When a user clicks on a playlist link, they should be taken to a page that displays all tracks for that playlist. Display the following information for each track:

Display the name of the playlist at the top of the page.

Display the total number of tracks in the playlist on the playlist page.

If a playlist doesn’t have any tracks, display “No tracks found.”.

If there is no playlist with the ID in the URL, display “Playlist not found”.

Page Layout

Other Requirements


Deploy to Heroku

Deploy your Laravel app to Heroku and verify that it works. Create a Add your Heroku link to the top of the app’s