Laravel 1

This assignment will use Laravel and the chinook SQLite database.

Start this assignment from the same installation that we did in class.

Listing Playlists

Create a page at /playlists that displays all playlists from the playlists table.

Each playlist should be an anchor that links to /playlists/{id}, where {id} is replaced with the ID of each playlist.

When a user clicks on a playlist link, they should be taken to a page that displays all tracks for that playlist. Display the following information for each track:

  • Track name
  • Album title
  • Artist name
  • Media type name
  • Genre name

Display the name of the playlist at the top of the page.

Display the total number of tracks in the playlist on the playlist page.

If a playlist doesn’t have any tracks, display “No tracks found.”.

If there is no playlist with the ID in the URL, display “Playlist not found”.

Page Layout

  • Add a link to the playlists page to the navigation
  • All pages should contain the full HTML skeleton
  • The playlists page should have a document title (the title tag) of “Playlists”
  • A playlist page should have a document title in the format of “Playlists: NAME” where NAME is replaced with the name of the playlist

Other Requirements

  • Use Laravel’s Blade templating
  • All database queries should use Laravel’s Query Builder
  • All routes should map to a controller


  • You can create a controller using the artisan command: php artisan make:controller PlaylistsController.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy your Laravel app to Heroku and verify that it works. Create a Add your Heroku link to the top of the app’s