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Final Project


For the final project, you will build a Laravel app and a Node API on whatever interests you. Here are the requirements:


Design and build a SQLite database with at least 3 tables having relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many, etc). Please include a schema similar to this one, where you specify the tables, their columns, and how columns relate. You can either draw this out on paper or whiteboard and take a picture of it, or use some other software. Please put this pic on your

Once you have figured out what your database will look like, create it using Laravel migrations.

You’re welcome to use NoSQL and MongoDB for your database instead of SQLite. You will need to figure out how to host this though.

Part 1: Laravel

Build a server-rendered application using Laravel and the database you have built. This application should have:

Part 2: Node

You will also build an API for your database using Node. This API should:

Other Requirements


Send a single email to the TA and myself on the project due date containing the following: