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The midterm will be an in-class practical where you will build a web application using Laravel in 2.5 hours based on requirements I give you using the material that you learned in the weeks leading up to the exam. You can use previous assignments, notes, and the internet to look things up. You are NOT ALLOWED to communicate with anyone in or outside of class by any means. To study, review assigned readings, past assignments and labs, and class demos.

The app that you will build during the exam will need to be a separate installation from the one you have been using for labs, assignments, and class demos. You will also be expected to deploy this application to Heroku. Before the midterm, I encourage you to do the following:

  1. Install a new Laravel app
  2. Set up your Laravel app to work with this SQLite database. This database has a table called employees with two columns: id and name.
  3. To make sure you have set up everything correctly, create a GET route at /employees that displays all records from the employees table.
  4. Deploy your app to Heroku and put your Heroku link on the

You are welcome to use Bootstrap so feel free to set that up as well.