GitHub Classroom

Before you start a lab, assignment, the midterm, or the final project

Normally with GitHub, you’d create a repository yourself that is attached to your profile. For this course, you will instead create a private repository by clicking on GitHub Classroom links that I give you. These links will be at the end of each assignment or lab. This is so that I will have access to your code and GitHub Classroom will keep track of your submissions. I have created a test assignment named “Test Assignment” located at if you’d like to see what this workflow looks like.

Follow the instructions on the empty repository page that was created to push up your code. Your work needs to be pushed to your GitHub repository before the deadline.

The .gitignore file

Sometimes it may be a good idea to exclude files from being tracked with Git. This is typically done in a special file named .gitignore. Here is what I usually have in this file:


Please add this to every repo with code that you submit.