Assignment 5

Development Environment

For this assignment, it is up to you if you’d like to use CodeSandbox or set up a React application locally using Create React App.


Create a form with React and Bootstrap on any topic other than a Contact form (in-class example). Unsure of what to build? Try building this t-shirt order form or this t-shirt order form:

t-shirt order form

You must have the following:

  1. At least one text input (single-line input).
  2. At least one checkbox.
  3. At least one select menu with a minimum of three options.
  4. At least one textarea element (multi-line input).
  5. A submit button. You can set any text on this button. When the form is submitted, hide the form and display a confirmation message with all of the data that was submitted. Feel free to format the submitted data however you’d like.
  6. A clear button. This should reset the entire form to the default state. You can set any text on this button. Don’t use <button type="reset"> or <input type="reset"> for this. Instead, add an onClick handler to a button that changes all of the state properties back to the initial values.
  7. At least one placeholder attribute used.
  8. Every form control must have a <label>. Clicking on a label should put focus on the corresponding form control.
  9. All form controls must be Controlled Components.


Create your GitHub repository here:

If you used CodeSandbox, paste your link on a file in the root of your repository and push up that file. You are done!

If you used Create React App, deploy your React project to Surge. Paste your Surge link on a file in the root of your repostiory. Push up all of your code to your GitHub repository. You are done!