Assignment 7 - Final Project Overview

Create a file. In that file, explain what about your final project will be about and answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the goal of your project.
  2. Who is the primary audience?
  3. What do you think the pages will be?
  4. Do you think you will need any libraries? If so, what?

You aren’t committed to this project idea. If you decide later on that you would rather build something else, that is totally fine. This assignment is intended to get you thinking about the project now rather than later.

Check out The Markdown Guide to learn more about the Markdown language.


Project Ideas From Previous Semesters

The project requirements have changed a little since the project submissions below. Also, the following projects didn’t necessarilly receive an A. Nevertheless, they may help spark project ideas. When visiting any of the project links, wait ~10 seconds until all AJAX requests have finished. The API for these projects uses JSON Server hosted on the free tier of Heroku, which is slow.

My Open FDA

Search for drug name “inflectra” and adverse event “off label use”.

The idea of this app is from a fellowship project I am working on with pharmacology statisticians. We are trying to get the data from openFDA API and do the disproportionality analysis on Pharmacovigilance Surveilance to figure the relations between drugs and side effects. My goal of this app is to provide easy access to the openFDA data for people regardless of whether they have knowledge about api. The way of doing the disproportionality analysis is using Reporting Odds Ratio (ROR) and Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR).

Visit the About page to learn more.

Grocery Checklist


Boba Log


Exercise your creative abilities by creating connections between two disparate items. Enables playing in both solo and multiplayer mode.

Cooking Companion

When coming to college, many students, myself included, struggle to juggle class, homework, extracurriculars, social life, and, of course, deciding what to eat for dinner every night. What my application will do is select a random recipe out of recipes the user inputs in order to help them decide what to eat for dinner.

Coffee, Now!

Coffee Now is a web app used to find coffee shops open now near you.

Favorite Restaurants

If you have a multitude of restaurants on your to-try list, its hard to know if you’re close to one unless you happen to remember where it is. With my application, you will be able to see all the restaurants you want to try on a convenient map so you can see if you happen to be close to one when you are out and about.

A News Site

People who want to be educated in the news about different topics and areas; readers of the New York Times. Addressing the problem that people are often constrained to only a few topics about only the United States. My project will show headlines from the New York Times through a worldwide perspective regarding different subjects.

Multi-Source Web Setlists

Every weekend, I hold a DJ show at KXSC, the student radio station on campus. When I build setlists for the 2-hour show, I generally pull from many sources - Soundcloud and Bandcamp URLs, my personal iTunes library, Spotify and Apple Music, raw audio files of unreleased tracks, illicitly uploaded YouTube videos, non-illicitly uploaded YouTube videos, etc. To do this, I usually put together a text document listing track metadata and either a URL if the song is hosted online or the location/application where I can find it if not. During the actual show, I output all the show audio from my laptop, manually loading up audio sources, taking care to mute tabs to avoid autoplay leaking in, carefully timing for good track spacing, making things not sound too sudden because I can’t crossfade… This is a bit of a drag, and very inefficient. What I’d prefer instead, and I’ll try to build here, is a tool that integrates with the APIs of major streaming sites and web audio standards to automatically play through a setlist built from web sources, potentially including those with user authentication, and perhaps temporarily uploaded user audio files. These playlists can be built, including metadata, within the site, saved to the server for recall, and potentially shared with a short link. This tool is primarily for my own use, but, ideally, other DJs at the station could also use it to organize their shows.