Introduction to JSON Server

For your final project, you will need to create a JSON Server API and deploy it to Heroku.

Please watch this video for an introduction to using JSON Server.

Next, use this repository as a starting point, as it contains some extra stuff to facilitate with deploying a JSON Server API to Heroku. You can click the green “Code” button and select “Download ZIP”. The only file that you’ll need to modify is db.json. Please read the instructions on that project’s README.

To deploy your API to Heroku, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a repo on GitHub and push your JSON Server API project up to it.
  2. Head over to Heroku and create an account.
  3. Log in and go to the Apps dashboard and select “New” > “Create new app”.
  4. Give your app a name and click the “Create app” button.
  5. Under “Deployment method”, select “Connect to GitHub”. Search for your repo and click “Connect”.
  6. Click on “Enable Automatic Deploys”. This will ensure that whenever you push changes to your repo, they will be automatically deployed to Heroku.
  7. Click on “Deploy Branch”.
  8. Once the deployment has finished, click on “Open app” at the top of the page in the upper right corner. You should see a JSON Server welcome page. Now modify the URL path to access your GET API endpoints.