Assignment 1

In this assignment, you will build two pages that read from the chinook Postgres database that you hosted on Heroku during class. You are welcome to use the same codebase that we worked on in class.

Listing Playists

Create playlists.php and display all playlist names.

Each playlist should link to tracks.php?playlist=PLAYLIST_ID, where PLAYLIST_ID is replaced by the ID of the playlist.

Listing Tracks by Playist

Next, create tracks.php. This page should display all tracks for the playlist query string parameter. For each track, display the following information:

  • Track name
  • Album title
  • Artist name
  • Price
  • Genre name

If there is no playlist query string parameter, redirect back to playlists.php or index.php (assuming you are using the project that we created together in class).

If a playlist doesn’t have any tracks, display “No tracks found for PLAYLIST NAME HERE>” where PLAYLIST NAME HERE is the name of the playlist.

Other Requirements

  • All queries should use the PDO class.
  • You must use environment variables for the database credentials and not commit your .env file.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy your assignment to Heroku. Create a file and add your Heroku link to it.


Send an email to Brighton and me with the URL to your GitHub repository with the subject: “ITP 405 - Assignment 1”.