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Teaching Resources

Some resources for learning the foundations of web development.

Google Maps and Geolocation

Examples of using the Google Maps JavaScript API

JavaScript Constructor Functions and Classes

The fundamentals of constructor functions and ES6 classes

JavaScript Objects

The fundamentals of objects in JavaScript

Client-side Templating with Handlebars.js

Client-side templating with Handlebars.js

Event Delegation

Event delegation examples using jQuery

Installing Node and Ember CLI

Installing Node.js via NVM and Ember CLI

SQLite Cheatsheet

The fundamentals of SQLite

Deploying Laravel with SQLite to Heroku

Deploying Laravel with SQLite to Heroku

Protecting Web Applications Against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

This post is a brief introduction to protecting web applications against Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks (CSRF).

Installing PHP on Windows

Installing PHP on Windows

Using SQLite with PHP on Heroku

This post covers how to use SQLite with PHP on Heroku.